College Days 9 – Once Upon a Time

So I just started watching the hit show Once Upon a Time on ABC. I wanted to watch the show the first time it aired but completely lost track of it. I’ve been doing that ever since Smallville ended. So I had an idea of what the show might be like but I was completely wrong. I love this show and how it portrays our fairy tales. Although I’m not too thrilled that it’s the Disney version of fairy tales. Seriously, Mulan, show me where her story is in a Grimms book. I like her portrayal on the show, a little iffy about the last episode she was in, but bottom line she is not a fairy tale.

So far what I have learned from watching this show is that everyone has good inside them. Even the most evil and cold heart are never completely evil. True love is the most powerful thing of all and can break through anything. Which is also something to point out. Have you notice just how much love is on this show? I think the only person that doesn’t have a love interest is Granny. Seriously everything that the characters do, they do because of love. Regina is bad because she lost the love of her life, due to Snow White. Cora is heartless because she literally is heartless. She realized that her heart is her weakness. Love is everywhere on this show and at times it can get old.

So far my favorite character is Rumpelstiltskin. I look at him the way that Belle looks at him. I would consider him to be an epic hero with everything that he has been through and really feel for the man. He made the mistake that his father did when he abandoned his son. Rumpel’s father by the way will be saved for another post and I must say OMG! Anyways back to Rumpel, I am really glad he has someone like Belle and hope to see him return to her soon. I really want his and Baelfire’s relationship to mend, which I believe can be achieved. Did you see the way he was when Rumpel was on his deathbed?

I’ll say one thing though, this show is changing my entire outlook on the fairy tales the I grew up knowing. This is one INTERESTING family that just continues to grow and become more interesting. I will be posting my thoughts on the latest episode but that is for a different post. It’s a good show and you have to watch it in order otherwise you will be lost. Me and my good pal Alexis started watching the show together and one day her husband comes home from work and watches it with us. We’re sitting there in the living room and her husband blurts out, “wait what the heck is going on here.” The creators of Lost made the show so those who have seen it might know what I’m talking about here. Nonetheless it deserves a watch.Full-OUAT-Familly-Tree-once-upon-a-time-33894848-3339-1377

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