Dancing Modesty

In the center of my mind
I can hear the faces of our spectators
As we glided across the dance floor
Knowing we only had tonight
Because we’ll never see each other again

Nothing but modesty
That’s what I describe us
As you took the lead
With a distance between us
that felt so natural

Small talk was shared
But when secrets are revealed
What else is there to say
We were lost in the music
And knew all the lyrics

You would sing a few lines
and so would I
At least in my head that is
But the music didn’t matter
because it all seemed so unreal

For this, there is no love
There is no intimacy
There is but one word
One action the controls us

The feeling of your arms around my waist
Your gaze at me from a distance
A moonlit chat beneath the stars
State lines prevent us from going farther
Because the song is coming to an end

Give me a piece of your mind

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