Louis Vuitton

So the above video is the new commercial from Louis Vuitton and it features David Bowie. I’ve stated it before how big of a Labyrinth fan I am and I can’t help but compare this video to the movie. I find so many allusions but I’m sure that was not the purpose of the advertisement at all. Allow me to draw strings and connect the two.
1. David Bowie: Of course he would be the center of attention at this magnificent ball that is taking place. He’s in the center of the room and singing. The girl does her best to be near him.
2. The Girl: She is at this ball and is transfixed by everything that is going on around her. She sees Bowie and approaches him. She soon realizes it was all a dream.
3. A masked ball
Maybe it’s just me and my love of Labyrinth but when I look at this commercial I can’t help but think of my favorite movie. I did the same thing Katy Perry’s Wide Awake video, which I’m sure you read.

Give me a piece of your mind

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