Star Trek

I never really was a Star Trek fan when I was a child, more of a Star Wars fan. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t exposed to it. I have very faint memories about it from my childhood. There is one thing I remember clear as day and that is Spock. He is my favorite character from Star Trek and love everything about him. Being able to control your emotions instead of allowing them to control you, that’s though. How do you choose not to feel?

I have only seen the movies but I don’t remember much of them. I’ve seen episodes of The Next Generation thanks to my aunt. I don’t know, I just never got hooked on it. I do however love the reboot. I like both motion pictures of the alternate timeline. Especially Star Trek Into Darkness. These movies actually make me want to watch the original series and all of it’s spin-offs. So hopefully you understand that with this post I will talk about Star Trek in the near future.

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