Star Wars

If I had to choose a world to live in, it would be Star Wars. I would love to learn the ways of the Jedi. I find it a little weird that there is actually a religion of the Jedi. I watched Star Wars when I was four and haven’t gotten bored of it yet. When they made the prequel trilogy I became a bigger fan. I still remember going to the movie theater to see Attack of the Clones and being completely amazed at Yoda. Who knew the little dude could move so quick. Just goes to show you can not under estimate size. He has some mad skills.

It’s really great when you have a boyfriend who is a total Star Wars nerd and has read all of the books. He gave me a lot of information about things that have yet to happen in the movies and things that were never presented. I enjoy telling my friends that Luke Skywalker’s wife was in Jabba the Hut’s palace the same time he was. My favorite Jedi is, hands down, Aayla Secura. Her death was certainly a tragedy. Unfortunately I haven’t watched the animated Clone Wars movie. My brother bought it once but turns out it was the show. Stay tune for more on this subject.

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