New Year Goal

67cc5b076ea0f1b684db123b498d8bc4Something that I plan on doing for 2014 is make a joy jar. My room mate has one and I saw it on Pintrest a year ago. It is definitely something I am thinking about doing for myself. If you like the idea of it then you should make one for yourself. You take a jar and it doesn’t matter what kind, just as long as it is big enough to hold everything you are going to put in it. So what you do with this jar is: everyday you write down the happiest thing that happened on that day. Even if it’s the worst day you have had, find the best thing that happened. So you write it down and you put it in the jar. Then at the end of the year, you empty it and read all the things that brought you joy within the past year. It may sound silly but people need to be reminded of the good things in their life. I told my room mate that, “Well if something happens that’s really good, I might just state what it is and then write ‘refer to diary for details.'” My room mate gave me this really mean look, which told me “that’s not what you’re suppose to do.” Then she goes, “knowing you, you would do that.” Sorry but sometimes I just get into details about things that make me happy. If it is something that makes me really happy then I can’t help but give every detail about it. (As the ladies in my family have just recently discovered.) Now the more I think about this, the more I try and decide about using a jar or getting a planner and making a “Joy Book.” It’s a really neat idea and I plan on doing it.a9152b43b32c49fce2ff0bf72ab54524

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