Thor on Thorsday

thor_2_the_dark_world_2013-wideSo after making plans to see the new Thor movie and them being ruined, I finally got to see the movie. As you can see with the background on my website that I do like Thor. I was so excited to see this film and like all films I fancy, I made a prediction of how it was going to go. It did not go how I predicted it would, but it was still a good movie over all. To think I almost cried for Loki, I really like him in this film. Now I can’t say too much about the movie because I’ll end up saying more than I should and will spoil it for you.

You know how they say “third time’s the charm”? It was definitely true when I finally got to go see Thor the Dark World. The first time I wanted to go see it was right after it premiered. The week after was pretty busy for me so I had to cancel those plans. Afterwards I started talking to an old friend and we made plans to see it when I went back home for the holiday. However, those plans also got canceled due to him. It was starting to frustrate me because I really wanted to see this movie. I was willing to go see it by myself if I had to and that’s something I normally wouldn’t do. I just couldn’t see it while I was home because there wasn’t a theater within walking distance from my house.

So I went back to school without seeing the movie. I only had two weeks of school left and made no further plans to catch this film. That was until I was invited to a birthday party… that I couldn’t attend. Time was  a conflict with that, but it was the person, whose party it was, that mattered. So since I couldn’t go to his party I suggested we go see Thor before I left to go home. All I am going to share with the world wide web on the matter, as I sit here with a smile on my face while typing this, that it was a good night. The movie was great now that I finally got to watch it. The third time is definitely the charm and I didn’t even realize that we went and saw the film on THORSDAY!

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