Friends ARE There

Within this past year I have lost friends who are simple leaves on my life tree but new leaves have sprouted. A branch has fallen but there is a new one starting to stick out from the rest of them. I am grateful for all of the friends that I have and I appreciate that I can be there for them when they need me to be. Within the past few months I have found that two of my friends have really needed me to help them through things and I was glad to do all that I could. My room mate Lindsey has reminded me on numerous occasions what exactly it is that I want to do in the future. There was one night I made a break through with her and considering I am still a student, I didn’t really know what to do. We got through it together and it really helps us be room mates.

When I came home for vacation there was a new crisis waiting for me at home. My two best buds from high school broke up. It really has taken a toll on my pal Franco. He started dating my friend Cedes after having a bad breakup with his previous girlfriend and everything that happened from that relationship has been repeated between Franco and Cedes, only 10x worst. I have never seen my friend Franco hurt this bad but once again I am reminded of what I want to do in the future. I am grateful to have friends that show me what I want to be in life. I will spend the rest of my winter break continuing to show Franco that there is something more out there for him somewhere. I tell him everyday, “you just need to move on.”

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