Yay Internet

Well after a week of no internet we finally got it back. The timing of losing the internet was awful because I had the urge to just blog and blog but when I go to type something up, there is no internet to access my website. Now that it’s back, time to get some more views. So far the new year has been a bit dull but it’s only the beginning. Before I know it, it will be time to say goodbye again to everyone here at home. During the absence of having internet access, I got a few things done off of my winter break to do list. I read this book that a friend loan to me called Praying for Your Future Husband. Stop laughing! It was interesting what some girls do for someone they have yet to meet but it all worked out for them. One of the authors named Tricia reminded me of me. There are things that happened in her life that just sends a message to me. Like me, she never prayed for her future husband; so it was good to get a view of how everything worked out for her. I still have more things to mark off of my list and time to do it. I have started my Joy Jar!

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