Facebook Status Recap

Do you ever realize what it is that you post on Facebook? Do you even remember what you post online? I don’t remember everything that I post on Facebook but I do remember posting my infamous “It’s time to leave the relationship when…” At the time I got sick of all the troubles between the couples around me. I know that there were times where I would post quotes from a show or movie. I even would post a short playback of something that happened that I thought was funny. There is one thing that I would do about my Facebook statuses. If I was ever mad at one specific person then I would make a post where I was practically yelling at that person but I would never state who I was talking about. Why did I do this? Well if someone were to assume that I was talking about them, they really wouldn’t have any proof that I was. Since I never singled anyone out, that makes whoever made an assumption look like they have a guilty conscience.

After realizing all of this, I’ve come up with a new project. Lately I have found myself copying down quotes that I find on Pintrest in a journal that I keep. The thought has hit me. Why copy down quotes from other people when I could just copy down quotes of my own? That is if you’ve had weird Facebook posts like I have. I am going to take the time and look at everything that I have posted on Facebook and write down the statuses that I like, make me smile, makes me laugh, or just brings me a memory. Timeline makes this really easy for me. This could be something that you could do too! Not only will doing this bring back memories but it will allow you to see how much you’ve changed over the year(s) and have grown. There’s also that saying, “learn from your past mistakes.” It’s a good thing to remind yourself of where you’ve come from because it can help you decide where you want to go.

So if you’re willing, like I am, grab a paper and pen and write your own words down. Put them in a journal. Thanks to the Timeline, this won’t be hard to do.

Give me a piece of your mind

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