Once Upon a Time Challenge- Day 7- Favorite Action/ Intense Moment

f13fa25361c8ae2fa86fd4941c2ba9f9The episode Think Lovely Thoughts takes the cake of today’s challenge and maybe some future challenges. This scene when Henry gives Peter Pan his heart is the most intense moment yet on the show. The audience now know all of the answers to Pan’s evil schemes and the truth of who he really is. I’m sure we all were yelling at our TV screens for Henry to not give up his heart. But Henry wanted to be the hero and look where it got it him. Can we blame him though? It had to be the worst time to end an episode as well, but we all knew that Henry couldn’t have died then because he’s the reason there is even a show. He brought the magic back and everyone in Storybrooke together. He’s also the one that makes everyone a family.

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