Vampires Trending

Yes I am going to talk about one of the most popular things of my teen years, vampires. Seriously what is so great about a blood sucking monster? People can point a finger at Twilight but vampires were huge before Stephanie Meyers’ books became a hit. I don’t understand it and I probably never will. I myself have never been a die hard fan of vampires but I do like the show The Vampire Diaries; which I hear people say is just a knock off of Twilight but it really isn’t. Yes there is a girl who falls in love with a vampire but The Vampires Diaries is far different from Twilight.

I never really watched Buffy but I did watch Angel and I liked it. I once had a friend who would role play as a vampire and is a huge vampire fanatic. I just don’t see it. I started reading the Anita Blake series but only because it takes place in St. Louis, MO. I didn’t make it past the fourth book because I found Anita to be a major hypocrite. If you’re looking for a new vampire series to read, you can always check that out. Maybe you’ll like it unlike me. It doesn’t strain too far away from what Hollywood has established what a vampire is, unlike how Twilight does. I’m sorry but a vampire does not sparkle in sun light, it dies! Fill free to leave a comment about your interest of vampires because I really don’t have any.

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