Originality Gone?

Have you ever noticed that plot lines are always being recycled? After reading my fifth Harlequin novel I started to notice a pattern. Majority of romance novels say the same thing. They’re about a rich billionaire who falls in love with a simple girl and the two eventually have a baby. Sometimes the story takes place after the two have a kid and other times it takes place before. I have yet to come across something that is completely original.

I also notice that movies tend to recycle plots as well. Some of them come from Mr. Shakespeare himself. Tragic romance and deceit can be found in numerous films. Reboots seem to be a popular thing now. I’m sure soap operas have used every possible plot point ever thought of in history. With everything that was created before the 21st century, is there any originality left in the world? I feel like future artist’s creativity will be tampered with due to everything already made and will lack originality. After all fashion trends do tend to repeat themselves. But that is just my opinion on the topic.

Give me a piece of your mind

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