Hobby Room, Craft Room, Man Cave

I’m sure many of us have taken the time at least once in our life to draw a sketch of our dream home or the blueprints. I even made a board on Pinterest about certain details I want in my dream home. Of course I want to have my own library but there is also something else that I want, my own Woman Cave. The thought came to me a while back when me and a friend of mine would sit there and talk about this marriage we were going to have someday. Wishful thinking on our parts, maybe. Actually no, it definitely was, since we have never and will never be more than just friends to one another. At that point in time, the thought started to grow in my head. Last year I started asking questions about grown up life. When we’re adults, do we have to decorate our homes in a style that our parents had? If there’s a poster of a band I like, is it frowned upon to hang it up in the living room? Do I have to invest in paintings? I don’t really have an eye for it.

Finally it all came clear. Down the road when I get married, to whomever it may be, and we buy a house; me and my hubby will have our own specials rooms. His room can be used for anything he likes. When I first came up with this idea I said “We’re gonna have our own room for our obsessions.” By obsessions I mean those things that we are fans of and it tends to become an obsession. For me it’s Monster High and a few other shows. It really doesn’t matter what specifically this space will be used for. I’d probably use mine for whatever hobbies I do; maybe even have a home office. Now the point of a husband and wife having their own special rooms is to have a healthy marriage. Women need space from time to time. Some might disagree but it’s true. There’s a picture out there that may gather why I would want this. For me, divorce is not an option. If you’re mad then take your butt in the other room and cool off, because we’re going to talk about this. This is where the rooms come in handy. I want my room to be a place that I can scrapbook, write, or just indulge in my fandom.

So we all have heard of a Man Cave. Well that’s pretty much what the rooms will be like. Only I don’t expect to spend every waking moment of my day inside mine. Just whenever I need to think or relieve some stress. Now don’t that just because it’s okay to have these rooms, that it’s okay to not spend time with each other at all. Couples need to talk and spend time together. Otherwise the marriage just might go south and that wouldn’t be good. As I have been typing this I have been watching the Carrie Diaries and the ninth episode of season two gives me more insight to go through with my idea of a woman cave. Larissa wanted to get married but she didn’t want to move out of her apartment and into her fiance’s place. She was scared that by doing so, both of them would be giving up on who they are and eventually become upset and blame each other on how much they have changed. This is another reason why I want to have my own Woman Cave. I might be interested in something my husband isn’t and vice versa. I’m all about individuality so with my Woman Cave I wouldn’t be giving up on who I am.

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