Busch Stadium

A place that holds many memories for me is Busch Stadium. It’s the only stadium I’ve ever been to to watch a baseball game. My first Cardinal’s game was at the age of 5/6. My mom took me and my brothers to the old stadium as a surprise. Although when we got there, and me being the girl, I still expected something else. As we sat there and watched the game I turned to my mom and asked “how many frames are left?” My mom asked me what and I repeated my question. She did her best to explain it to me in bowling terms and I just go “okay,” and continued watching the game. My mom got a tap on her shoulder and was asked “what did she say?” My mom’s reply, “She only knows bowling.” It’s true! At that point in time bowling was the only thing that I knew the lingo to. That was my first Cardinals game and according to my mom I slept through half of it.

I’ve been to so many Cardinals games that I couldn’t tell you about every one. The last time I’ve been to a Cardinals game was in the year 2012. I went with my friend Ryan and it was actually the last time we hung out together. Now something that you tend to see at the game is that many of the people in the stands will walk out before the ninth inning starts just to beat the crowd. I told my friend Ryan about how the game I went into before this one went into over time for 21 innings.

“I bet you that’s gonna happen today. We’re gonna get tied in the last inning and have to go into over time,” Ryan says. That wasn’t really something I wanted to happen. We sat in a good section that day because we were on the jumbo screen. I sat with my school group even though my friends weren’t really there but I enjoyed the game.

Before the ninth inning half of the stadium left thinking “oh we got this.” Only we didn’t. Not at that point. We got tied and the first thing I did was turn to Ryan and yell, “This is all your fault!” There are people looking at us and Ryan tells them all, “I called that!” One of the girls from Fontbonne turn to him and ask, “Why would you call that?!” So now we had a chance to end the game in that inning, but no. We head into over time.

“I hope there aren’t as many innings as that one day.”

“I bet we will.”

“SHHH!” We didn’t have that many innings that day, but everyone that left early, because they thought we had it in the bag, missed one heck of a play. We won and the safe we got was AWESOME! I always have a good time at a Cardinals game. My favorite baseball player would have to be Mark McGwire. He was the one I rooted for when I was a kid.

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