St. Louis Zoo

A good place to visit in St. Louis is the zoo. I’ve never been to another zoo but this one. It’s great! My favorite part of going to the zoo was the primates. Haven’t seen them in a while, at least not inside. I’ve been going there in the summer and at that time the inside is closed. The best part to go to during the summer is the Penguins… at least once you get past the smell it’s the best place to be. This is another place in St. Louis that I have many memories at. I’ve been here on tons of field trips. For my birthday. There hasn’t been any embarrassing memories, at least on my part. The last time I went there was this past summer. I remember the last day of high school, me and my friends headed over to the Chase to see The Avengers and afterwards I had the idea that we could head on over to the Zoo. While we were walking around the outside of the zoo to get to the entrance my friend Justin started coughing because of the bad smell coming from the animals, “Why did we decide to do this again?” I had a nice laugh at that.

The zoo is great and the best part is that it’s free! That’s right it’s free. I don’t really know how surprising that is for you. During Scout Quest I was in the bathroom at the History Museum and I heard ladies talking in there about how awesome it was that the Zoo was free. I’m just thinking, “of course it’s free. What’s the big deal?” I was then informed by my scout leader that in other parts of the world, a zoo would not be free. Learning that makes me appreciate the St. Louis Zoo even more.

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