Forest Park

If you’re ever in St. Louis and don’t know what to do for the day, head on over to Forest Park. Not only is everything so beautiful here but it offers so much to do. There’s museums, the Muny, zoo, ice rink, and tones of other things to do. In the summer, Forest Park is definitely the place to go. I now always look forward to coming here for Shakespeare in the park. I would bike ride through here in middle school when I was in the bike club. I didn’t exactly have the best memories while doing this but it is a good place to make memories. I don’t think I’ve seen any trees with initials carved in them yet but there may be some there. I also went here for Scout Quest and that was quite eventful.

Not only does this place have good memories for me but for all that live in St. Louis and use to live here. This place has so much history. The union soldiers had their barracks here during the Civil War. The World’s Fair was here. I’ve seen pictures of that and it was beautiful! Made me wonder why it would ever go away, but all good things must come to an end. Want an adventure? Try a scavenger hunt through the park.

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