Last Day of Vacation

As I sit here and type this, my winter vacation is coming to an end. It was surely a long one. I’m glad for the semester ahead and look forward to it. Looking back at the time that was spent during this vacation I’m a little disappointed at myself. Before the break started I made a To Do list of what I was going to do at home, but I didn’t get around to even half of the things on that list. There were four books I was suppose to read but did not do at all. I did get started on the first book but haven’t gotten past page twenty five. Sorry Chris Poley, I’ll be sure to have it done before the semester is over.I experienced more boredom during this vacation than I have ever done since I started college. Which does not help the case of not finishing everything on my To Do list. Curse the procrastinator in me. I’m working on getting rid of that habit.

I did enjoy my vacation though. I spent time with friends who matter and actually want to hang out with me. I notice how many friends I have lost within the past year, but the ones who have stuck by me are the real ones. They are leaves that want to become branches on my tree of life. I revealed something to a close friend of mine, hoping that they would understand. Their reaction to this confession was the exact opposite of what I expected. To be honest, I’m really disappointed in them because of how they reacted. They started to tell me that I was wrong and I’ve been fed lies and started to tell me what I needed to do. NO BODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO! Only I know what’s best for me. After that night, I wanted to leave this city so bad. But I soon set the record straight. That leaf might just started to become a branch again.

When I came home for break I received bad news from a friend that he and my other friend have broken up. I felt so bad for him because those two went through so much together and he gave her anything she wanted. She too was my friend but after she did the wrong thing with him, she lost a lot more. She could say that everyone hates her now but she herself is not being a good friend. If you want to talk, she won’t be there to listen. She doesn’t see how bad she hurt him and really shows no signs of caring. At one point there was hope for them to fix things but she ruined that too. I just hope that whatever path they follow that both end up happy. I was there to counsel my buddy when he needed me and it really reminded me of why I am attending school. Both him and my room mate remind me this and there were times I just didn’t have the answers or didn’t know what else to say. Continuing school will help me with that. I hope I got through to them and that my advise really helped.

Today is my last day in the city and I plan on using it to pack. It however is two o’clock and I haven’t even started on it. I’m also cooking dinner tonight so this maybe my last post for the day. Time to get down to business.

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