First Week Back

Well it’s obvious I haven’t been posting anything within the last week. I have a lot to post about too but then there’s the debate going on in my head about what exactly belongs on the web. I am however pleased to have gained two more followers during the time that I wasn’t posting anything. Just continue to get more is all that I can do, really. First week back has been interesting. I’ve been spending a fair share of time with someone special but not too much that it get’s in the way of school work. There were a few times that I just felt frustrated. The first occurred when I arrived back to school and found out that my friend left a textbook, that I was going to buy off of him, back home. Then the next occurred during my Old Testament class. We had sign ups for group projects and the one topic that I was completely fixated with was already taken. THE NERVE! Now I am left with writing about giants. Do you realize how dull the topic of a giant is? Giving them the name Nephilim doesn’t help. I could have written about a dragon but nooooo. The people who signed up for the topic I wanted weren’t even in class. Maybe I’ll find something interesting about the topic I ended up getting.

Give me a piece of your mind

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