Field trip to a funeral parlor

When I was in high school I majored in JROTC. My senior year we went on a seniors field trip to Jefferson Barracks. Now when I hear that I’m going to Jefferson Barracks, I automatically assume I’m going to the cemetery. I wasn’t alone because Chief Williams was constantly telling us that we were not going to the cemetery but to the military base.

We go on our field trip but when we get there, we’re informed that they canceled our tour. Chief realized he had some lemons so he made lemonade. What did we do? We end up going to the cemetery. How ironic is that? So we took a tour of the cemetery, which I really didn’t need because I’ve been there so many times before. I was a little taken back by everyone else and their amazement of how spaced out the graves were. I guess not everyone in St. Louis has been there.

So in high school I went on a field trip to a cemetery and now, in college, I went on a field trip to a funeral parlor. Oh what fun that was. So we go and the first thing we are shown are the rooms that are used to discuss the funeral plans or for wake ceremonies.

Next stop was the casket room. I was at the front of the line when we were walking to the casket room and was just thinking, “wait why am I in the front of the line?” Our tour guide walked into the room and turned on the lights and I could see numerous caskets. For a split second I did tense up because the question ran through my mind, “wait are there going to be bodies in them?” However, there were no bodies inside the caskets but our tour guide did offer us to lay in them. I was very tempted to do so but people kept getting in there before me and our tour guide kept going to close it whenever someone would get out, so I didn’t want to trouble him with it. Plus I don’t think it would have set well with my mom if she saw a photo of that.

Another stop on our tour was the preparation room. That’s where they do the embalming process of the decease. Before walking in our tour guide stated: “Our next stop is the preparation room. You don’t have to go in if you don’t want to but I will be going in there and anyone who follows me, I will talk to.” (pregnant pause) “There will not be a body in there.” Everyone went “awe.” I thought that was kinda funny because that kinda says we were hoping to see a dead body. I was kinda hoping to see one just so that I could message my boyfriend, saying “I see dead people.” So we got to see all that gadgets and tools used for the embalming process. We wouldn’t have gone on this field trip if they were embalming someone because that would be illegal. All in all it was a pretty interesting field trip. One I never thought I would ever go on.

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