The Shield Dominates Evolution and thereafter

This past Sunday I sat in a friend’s basement and watched the Payback pay-per-view for WWE. I didn’t care to see a few of the matches that took place on this night, but the one match that I was looking forward to was the main event of The Shield vs. Evolution. I was rooting for The Shield to dominate because I don’t care for Evolution. I didn’t like the team ten years ago and the feelings haven’t changed.

For the past few weeks, Evolution has tried to prove that they are the best and definitely better than The Shield. The only thing that Evolution has proven before Sunday night is that they are the best at cheating and they are incapable of beating The Shield themselves. When they are given the opportunity to fight The Shield, someone else steps in and weakens The Shield for them. I was rooting for The Shield all night Sunday.

I made several predictions during the match. My first prediction was that Dean Ambrose would be the first member of The Shield to be eliminated. I just find him to be their weakest member. My other prediction was that it would all come down to Roman Reigns to win the match for his team. What really happened was that the Shield dominated with no eliminations of their team members. One by one they took out Evolution after receiving a serious beating from them. Did you see Roman Reigns’ back after getting those twelve kendo stick shots on his back? Yeah professional wrestling isn’t real, but you can’t fake that.

I was very proud of The Shield for their victory. I looked forward to Monday night Raw the next night. That’s the good thing about the pay-per-views. Seeing the wrestlers react to their win or loss. Well Batista quit, which isn’t a surprise considering he’s leaving to promote Guardians of the Galaxy. So the main event was a match between Roman Reigns and Randy Orton. Despite Orton being from my hometown, I don’t like him at all. So I wanted Roman Reigns to crush Orton.

So at the time that the match took place, I received a phone call from a friend and had to mute the television. There was no match because Evolution came out and just started to talk our ears off. So I’m talking to my friend and staring at the television screen. I can tell something was up by the look on Triple H’s face and the exchange expressions between The Shield members. All of sudden Seth Rollins takes the chair he’s holding and hits Roman Reigns with it. “WHAAAAAT!” Talk about jaw dropping. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The WWE hasn’t been able to shock me like this since it came out that Lita was cheating on Matt Hardy with Edge.

Seth Rollins betrayed The Shield. What’s going to happen now? I was told Batista will be coming back so maybe he will become the new Shield member. I also had this thought, what if they got a girl to join the team; it wouldn’t be the first time. I look forward to watching Smackdown this Friday, considering the superstars are no longer subjected to appear on only one show.

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