New Member for The Shield?

What’s next for the Shield? I just can’t wait for the next Smackdown or Raw even though one is mere hours away and the other is just a few days. I have been looking at videos of The Shield and what they’ve done in the past to help hold me over. I really did not expect this to be coming, at least not now and after that amazing victory at Payback. We all know that nothing can last for long in the WWE. There was the Hardy Boyz, Evolution, The Radicalz and you get the picture. Same goes for the couples on the show and every Superstars does something that catches us off guard. Usually it’s not hard to tell when that will happen because there are always signs. Seth Rollins, however, showed none. I expected this from Dean Ambrose but not Seth Rollins; which I’ve probably already stated in a previous post.

While I’ve been surfing the net for Shield footage, I have stumbled upon some predictions that other bloggers are making about the new third member of The Shield. That is, if they decide to take that route. I am going to talk about a few and give my thoughts and comments on the matter. For the first suggestion I’ve heard, and I’m only stating this one first because it’s so hilarious, is Bo Dallas. Yeah that’s right, BOLIEVE! Okay so this was just a play joke someone made saying, “I think Bo Dallas should join The Shield so that he can BOLIEVE in The Shield.” My personal thought is that Bo is just too positive to join Shield. He can help Reigns and Ambrose by talking to them and help them find positive energy after what just happened, but no way he can he be a member. They’re just not compatible.

The Shield vs. CM Punk
The Shield vs. CM Punk

The second prediction I’ve seen is the new member being CM Punk. I think others can see the possibility. I can too, but I doubt that will happen. Given all that Punk and The Shield has been through, I just don’t see it. He can totally take Rollins’ place but I don’t see him coming back to the WWE. It’s possible but I’m sure he left for a reason. I’ve heard that he hasn’t always agreed with the way things are going in WWE. So it’s possible that his leave is permanent. But there is always hope that he can come back. I personally don’t like Punk. I did when he had his long hair, was on ECW, and teamed up with the Hardy Boyz but ever since he pulled an Edge move and stole the World Heavy Weight Championship from Jeff Hardy after Hardy had literally just won the title, he’s been on my bad side. There were a few times since then that I started to like him but he would do something and I’d just react like, “Just when I was starting to like you again.” The readers who actually know me might be laughing right now because they can picture me saying this. All that put aside, if CM Punk is to be the new Shield member then that would be epic.

I’ve heard somewhere that Brad Maddox would be a likely candidate. I don’t think so. If he is then The Shield isn’t really putting forth an effort in getting back at Rollins for his betrayal. I’ve seen him in a match and he’s not good. He’s been kissing up to boss since he’s arrived on the scene and didn’t The Shield annihilate him? I do not find him to be Shield material. He does have the want to get back at Triple H but I don’t see it happening.

Batista quits
Batista quits

It’s not hard to know this one is on people’s minds because it’s definitely on mine. I think this is one would probably fit the bill perfectly for a new Shield member and that is… Batista! He’s not gone for good just for about a month or two to promote Guardians of the Galaxy. It makes total sense to have him become the new Shield member. With the exit he took last Monday and the way Evolution treated him, it makes sense. Plus it’s like an eye for an eye. Only this time there will be two top guns on The Shield’s team. Again this is only if they go that route. I still think they could add a girl to their team. If Lita can do it then all the Divas can do it. Stop being valets for the guys and be their partner. That might be stretching it but I can dream. They could also get someone from NXT but we’ll see.

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