City Girl in a small town surrounded by farmland

I’ve grown up in a city and always longed for a small town life. I just enjoy that relationship that you see in movies that take place in a small town. Living somewhere where everyone knows everybody and you can trust them. I also find that small towns are safer than cities, although, crime is everywhere. I apparently live in one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S, but I don’t find it to be that bad. It is nowhere near an apocalyptic stage of dangerous. I don’t fear for my life every time I walk out the door. I just don’t want to live in the city for the rest of my life.

Where I live there is this game that is made. It goes, “was that a firework or a gunshot?” Let’s not go and find out. How often is this game played? Not as often for there to be a meme. Then again that depends on which part of the city you live in. I’ve heard stories about people passing through and then getting lost. When they realize where they are, they’ll freak out and go “We’re in the hood!” My simply reply to this is, “which one?” With all of the neighborhoods in this city there is no one specific section that can be classified as the ghetto, there are several.

For the past year I have been travelling back and forth from the city to this small town that is located four hours away. At the beginning of my stay in this small town, I noticed a few things that were different from city living. First thing was that I managed to go through a winter without needing to carry a box of tissues with me everywhere. I then realized that rural living is much better for my health because of how fresh the air is.

Something else that was new to me was how involved the community is with their faith. There are several churches in this town and they each have a good attendance rate. The city I grew up in has churches everywhere and most of them are for Catholics but I don’t see them having steady attendance rates. The city can definitely distract a person from their faith.

Another new thing that I learned, and this is ridiculous, was a cow pie. The church I attend on Wednesday nights have two home group events per year and it takes place at this farmland. It doesn’t have the whole works to it but there are cows. The first one I attended I realize just how much of a city girl that I am. My friends and I were walking down to this pond and as we were walking, we kept walking by what looked to me like roots of a tree. I kept hearing my friends say, “cow pie” and would walk around this stuff. I have no clue what “cow pie” means but I’m walking around it just like my friends are. It was just a little game of follow the leader.

I managed to be by myself for a moment a little bit later and found myself standing in front of a cow pie. I still had no clue what it was but I was just looking at it. I then stepped on it while repeating the words “cow pie” over and over in my head. My feet did not sink down as I stood on it. It was solid. I looked down at my feet and finally realized what I was standing on. I stepped off, checked my shoes and thank goodness I did not get any of the cow pie on them. You may be laughing at this and that’s okay because it is funny. What do I have to say about it? Well it’s a lot better than stepping on dog poop.


    1. Thank you. I will say that during the summer after that I was watching the new 90210 show and one of the characters told a guy to “go shovel a cow pie!”. I heard that and immediately yell, “I know what that means!”

  1. *smiling at the cow pie* 🙂 I haven’t lived in a really big city, but fairly large. Grew up in a small town. Both have their advantages and draw-backs. When I lived in the city, I missed knowing all the people. I moved back, and got irked by the fact that everyone knew one another and kept track of what they were up to.

    About the safety; there are nut jobs everywhere. We’ve just experienced one of the worst police shootings here, and it was in a really small town. Three officers were killed.

    1. Yeah whenever I would mention to my family about wanting to live in a small town they would always say something about people knowing everyone’s business. It would annoy me whenever I heard this but it is true. And you’re absolutely right about there being danger everywhere. I would always say that to my room mate when she brought up the statistics that would say my hometown is in the top ten of the most dangerous. I would look at her and say, “crime is everywhere.”

      1. Yeah, I’ve watched quite a few crime shows on the American networks. Most often they say ‘it was a small town, where people didn’t see the need to lock their doors, and where you’d love to bring up a family’ … then they go on about the grisly crime.

        Being from a small town, I’ve never felt so lonely as in the big city. That part about everyone knowing ones business … it depends very much on what kind of life you lead, for it to annoy you or not 🙂

      2. That’s really good to know. Last fall my friend was telling me about how her husband told her he didn’t want to live in the town that they were living in. His reason for it was that he was up late one night and heard a gun shot outside his house. He then told her, “I don’t want to live here anymore.” My reaction to hearing this was, “big whoop. It was just one gun shot. How often do you hear those.” My friend then went, “It’s different here. When you shoot a gun it’s at an animal not a person.”

      3. Flint, MI was pretty bad for a while, but I think I heard it was getting slightly better. We’ve had two murders here, so far, this year 🙂 Haven’t heard any gunshots yet, but here has been some in another part of town.
        Did they move away?

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