The Amazing Spiderman 2

The new Amazing Spiderman movie, I felt was great. There’s always something wrong with a movie that just doesn’t sit well with critics. I didn’t see anything wrong with the movie. I thought it was good for what it presented. The only issue I have is that the movie did not hold true to its trailer. In the trailer we see several scenes that do not occur in the finished film. Why make a trailer of something that you’re not going to show us? I also heard that they cut Mary Jane’s scenes from the film. Okay I can tolerate that. I’m sure if they kept her in the film then the critics might have made a comment about too many characters.

I enjoyed every minute of the movie. It was entertaining to me all throughout. I made my prediction of the film and there was no doubt that it would come true. So if you haven’t seen the film then stop reading because this is about to get rated S for spoilers.

I want to start by saying how bad I felt for Electro. He was just a ploy in a plan and he just wanted to be noticed. People walked all over him and he thought he meant something to his hero Spiderman. Then everyone was quick to assume that he was a bad guy and didn’t even stop to hear him out. Neglect and ignorance is what made Electro so evil.

I read that several critics didn’t like how many bad guys were in the film and say that, that’s what made the film bad. I disagree with the critics. I didn’t think that there were too many villains. I think the reason why there were so many villains is because of Gwen Stacey’s dad and the promise that Peter made to him. Half of the movie deals with Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey’s relationship. It’s complicated because of the promise Parker made to her father.

It is what Gwen’s dad said to Parker in the previous film that I feel is the reason there were more than just one villain in the movie. Captain Stacey said, “You’re going to make enemies.” I think that’s why there were so many villains in this film. Just to prove the point that Captain Stacey was making on his death bed. I think that each villain that appeared in the film had a fair share of screen time. Electro was the main villain so of course he gets the most screen time. As for Green Goblin and Rhino, they left it to where those characters may appear in another film and that was okay with me. I don’t expect Spiderman to defeat three villains in one film.

The biggest thing that got me about this movie was Gwen. I knew she was going to die. When they announced that Green Goblin was going to be in this film, I knew what they were going to do. It was inevitable for her to die. I knew it was coming and when Green Goblin swooped down and picked her up, I knew that it was happening then. My immediate thought was, “no I’m not ready for this yet!” He drops her and afterwards I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. Every time that Spiderman would catch Gwen by her arm it gave me hope. It made me think that maybe they’re not going to follow along with the comics. Maybe they’re going to make them break up because Gwen is heading to London. That didn’t happen and it was good that they actually did follow along with the comics. Otherwise there might be a huge uproar about everything wrong with the film.

That scene when Gwen dies was both sad and amazing. They built the tension up so much due to the Spidey-senses, made her death quick instead of long and seeing him in mourning over a period of time just tops it. If you’re in a fight with your significant other, just sit down and watch this movie. It will be just what you need to forgive each other. If it doesn’t work then clearly the relationship is over and you both need to move on with your lives.

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