The Thong Story

The title does not deceive what is about to be written. So this past year my roommate and I got in a situation involving a thong. Is this going to be scandalous? Well I guess that depends on where you’re from and how you look at it. Please leave a comment because I would not only appreciate it but also enjoy reading it what you have to say. I’m sure my roommate will enjoy it too when she finds out what I have done. So let us begin. The thong story we have for this post goes like this…

This year for my birthday I went to my boyfriend’s home for the weekend. His mom invited me to stay and threw a small party for me. It was so sweet and kind of her to do it and I am very thankful. I also got present, which I wasn’t expecting, but who doesn’t like getting gifts. His family gave me some really good gifts too. One in particular is a beautiful photo album. I enjoyed it and might just make a separate post about my time spent there.

Now let’s get on with the thong. I come back home that Sunday with my boyfriend. He was so kind to help carry my stuff in for me and I didn’t even have to ask. Boys are allowed in the dorm lobby but not the halls so I had to carry everything up to my room myself and it’s a good thing too. I walk into my room and I made sure to clean everything before I left for the weekend; including making my bed. I walk in, flick on the lights and immediately my eyes land on this powder pink thong lying on my bed. It’s not mine! My roommate isn’t home. “What is this?!” I say out loud while walking to my bed and putting everything in my hands down. “You know, I can will take your shirts and I will take your pants, but I draw the line when it comes to your under garments.” I called her but she didn’t answer the phone, and after putting my phone done I picked that thong up and threw it onto my roommate’s bed.

About an hour later my roommate calls me back:
Roommate -“Hey! You called?”
Me -“Yeah why is there a thong on my bed?”
Roommate -“Wait, you mean it’s not yours?”
Me – “No, it’s not mine! I come in here and it’s just lying on my bed. I will take shirts and pants but I draw the line at your underwear.”
Roommate – “It’s not mine! I thought it was yours. I was doing laundry and thought it fell in there.”
Me – “No it is not mine.”
Roommate – “Oh, well I’m sorry. But hey, think of it as a birthday present.”
Me- “A used thong? What kind of birthday present is that!”
Roommate- “Hey it’s the thought that counts.”
Me – “The thought? Then what were you thinking?”

After the phone conversation I did not remove the thong from her bed. I actually forgot about it. That night I laid down to sleep and my roommate finally got back. I just laid there not moving because I really wanted to sleep. As she moves about the room I hear, “Hah! The thong isn’t mine!” I tried so hard not to laugh.

The next day after classes I sat in my room doing work. My roommate walks in to get ready for a banquet she’s attending that night and we talk about the thong. “What do we do with it? Just throw it out?” she asked. “How about we throw it in the hallway.” And we did. She took the thong to the hallway and kicked it down a little so that it wasn’t obvious that it came from our room. That thong manage to travel up and down the hallway for a week. Each day it was in a different spot than before. No one had a clue where it came from. My RA didn’t know what to do and she finally threw it out when we had a hall meeting. She was worried that no one would want to sit around it.

Later that night, or maybe the next day, our RA comes into our room and talks to us about something. I ask her, “Hey, what was up with that thong in the hallway?” She then tells us how she had no clue and didn’t really know how to handle it. I’m laughing to myself on the inside and my roommate speaks up. She completely blows our cover and confesses to what we did. We didn’t really get into trouble and made it very clear that the thong was not ours.

Give me a piece of your mind

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