Heaven is for Real

There was a movie that came out this past spring called Heaven is for Real and I finally got a chance to watch it. I liked and thought it was a good movie. It reminded me of my Death and Dying class. It mentions near death experiences and reminded me of a conversation I had at the lunch table one day. I recall sitting in a newspaper meeting around the time that it premiered and my editor-in-chief started talking about her dislike of the film because of the book. I didn’t understand what her dislike meant and I still don’t after watching the movie.

I thought the movie was good and believable. There was one thing I didn’t quite understand and that was the church board’s reaction to the news article being written about the little boy’s experience in Heaven. I’m thinking that they were upset that the father didn’t truly believe his son at first. Then that raises the question, “do Christians really believe in Heaven and Hell.” I personally do believe that there is a Heaven and a Hell. It’s all a touchy situation and can cause a huge debate.

At first I thought something really bad was going to happen to the son; something worse than a ruptured appendicitis. I thought maybe he gets hit by a car or drowns but no. It was a calm situation and not so traumatic. That hospital scene was a tear jerker. I liked it when everyone in their church community bowed their heads to pray for him. That was precious.


  1. It sounds like a film I’d like to watch. I’ve seen many shows on TV, with people telling about their near-death-experiences, and they’re all so … full of hope.

    1. It was a good movie. I don’t understand some Christians’ dislike of it but I enjoyed it. Near-death-experiences can be good to have because when one has one, they tend to appreciate life more afterwards.

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