Our Spider Jeraka

One of the rules in my dorm is “no pets”. My roommate and I broke that rule with our pet spider. Okay so we didn’t really break this rule when this spider barged its way into our lives. The timing of it was just hilarious and I’ll explain why as I tell this story.
It all started after a concert that my roommate performed in. I’m getting ready for class and my roommate asks, “Hey. Does this look bad to you?” She shows me her leg and on it are two white dots surrounded by redness. No doubt that they’re bites. I haven’t been bitten by a lot of insects in my life so I really didn’t know what to say. “No they don’t look that bad.” That wasn’t the right answer and all of her friends made that very clear when she asked them.

I come back from church that night and she’s lying on her bed in pain. “I think I got bit by a brown recluse. It hurts and burns!” We sat there talking about the possibility of it being a brown recluse bite and how she could have gotten bit. “I think it crawled up my leg while I was backstage. They like the darkness and I was standing in a dark corner at one point.” I didn’t think they were from a brown recluse because they didn’t like the bites I’ve seen before. My roommate did her research and it turned out she was right.

My roommate's spider bites
My roommate’s spider bites

I kept telling her over and over, “if it is a brown recluse bite then you know what this means don’t you? Your skin cells will die away, layer by layer. It’ll be as if we’re looking inside your leg.” I was just freaking her out. She was wining with pain but also laughing at the same time. I felt so bad for laughing but I couldn’t help it. I did my best to rationalize with her that we didn’t know for sure just yet if it was a brown recluse bite or not. I also scared my mom that night.

Sent a photo of my roommate’s leg to my mom with a message asking how to take care of the bite. She immediately called me and was freaking out because she thought it was my leg in the picture. I informed her about the situation and her advice to my roommate was “go to a hospital now!” My roommate went and given medicine to fight the venom. She was sick the week before so she already had antibiotics in her system that helped fight the venom before her visit. She was lucky this time. Her enigma was she didn’t know when or where she was when she was bitten. She has a good theory.

Weeks later I’m sitting at my desk getting ready for class. My roommate comes out of the bathroom. All of a sudden she screams. I turn around and she’s got this frighten look in her eyes and rubbing her arms. She screams a little more and runs away from the spot she’s standing in. Oh she’s having a flashback. Okay prepare what you’re going to say. “I FOUND THE BROWN RECLUSE!” Oh, that’s nice to know it was in our room the whole time. She found it crawling up her arm!


My roommate ordered that our room get sprayed and at first our RD refused. She said that in order for our room to get sprayed, we would have to get bitten by it or catch it. My roommate was completely furious because she’s already been bitten by one twice. We were informed the room would get sprayed but wasn’t sure when. Meanwhile, I’m fearing for my health because it could bite me while I’m sleeping. But the rest of the semester goes by and no more sign of the spider. I’m starting to think that maybe my roommate just thought she saw the spider. When it came time for us to move out I was in charge of cleaning the bathroom floor.

After moving a few things around I see this brown spot on the floor. I get down on all fours so that I can get an up close look at this thing. Low and behold there is the brown recluse, DEAD! I texted my roommate about finding it and asked if we could name it. She chose Jeraka because its friend was a jerk for biting her.


    1. Sometimes I just don’t understand why people are scared of spiders, but that’s only because I don’t have a fear of them. I just don’t want to be bitten by the bad ones.

      1. I’m not scared of em per se, I just can’t stand the creepy, crawly critters. Same way with snakes, the only good snake is a dead snake lol

      2. Yes both spiders and snakes are the two usual creatures that people I know are not fans of. When I tell them what my fear is they laugh and go, “who’s afraid of that?” So I turn will throw their fear back at them.

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