The Shield against Seth Rollins

From Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

I know about you guys but I enjoyed seeing the Shield make three appearances on Raw this past Monday night instead of just two. After what happened last Monday I have been anticipating Monday night all week. I want to see the Shield retaliate after the betrayal. I enjoy watching Roman Reigns and that dark demeanor of his. He knows just what to say to be bad.

Taken by WWE.  Roman Reigns catches Heath Slater by surprise.
Taken by WWE.
Roman Reigns catches Heath Slater by surprise.

I’m going to start with the Shield taking out 3MB. Those guys had it coming to them because they tried to start stuff by calling The Shield out. What boggles my mind about that situation is how did Roman Reigns get from the ring to all the way up the ramp that fast and without us knowing? Is there a secret tunnel that he took? Did he run up there within the seconds the camera views changed? We see him and Dean Ambrose taking out Jinder Mahal then we’re focus on Heath Slater walking up the ramp and wanting them to follow him. All of a sudden Slater is taken out by Roman Reigns and everyone watching Raw in their homes don’t get to see. We’re given a replay of what happens and I would love to know how they pulled that off.

Once that was over we got to see The Shield call Seth Rollins out. Dean Ambrose provided us with a very vivid description of what he wants to do to Rollins and Roman Reigns said a few wise words, “There’s things you don’t do in life. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t piss in the wind. And you don’t ever stab your brothers in the back.” I like that Roman Reigns declared he wasn’t finished with Evolution. Just because Rollins betrayed him, doesn’t mean he’s taken his eyes off of his true enemies. I enjoyed his remarks against Evolution and that Game of Thrones reference. The Shield isn't finished with Rollins
The Shield isn’t finished with Rollins

So the Shield had to go up against the Wyatt family in a six man tag team match. Only issue with that was who would take the third man’s place for The Shield’s team? Stephanie made a good point when she wished them good luck finding a partner. They have made it their goal to take everyone in the locker room out since their debut. So who would want to step up? My first thought was The Miz. Seth Rollins is ready to speak
Seth Rollins is ready to speak

So Rollins didn’t sell out, he bought in. His words not mine. He certainly did look like an Evolution member when he walked out from the back. As Captain America would say, “take off the suit and what are you?” Can Rollins really answer that question? “I’ve learned that to be a success in this company you have to evolve. You have to adapt.” I have to agree with this. Every superstar goes through it. They make their debut but when they leave they are not the same anymore. I find that those who keep the same gimmick for years and years can be over rated. Gee, I wonder which superstar has changed his gimmick and is highly over rated. Oh that’s right it’s the same superstar that volunteered to be partners with The Shield.  The Shield takes their victory.
The Shield takes their victory.

Of course John Cena would agree to be in the match against the Wyatt family. Not only was his feud over with them but it’s also the main event of the night. If Cena isn’t in the main event then what is he doing? I was happy that Cena teamed up with The Shield, because that ensured that they would win. They put up a good fight and there were times that I thought they were going to lose. Mostly I just wanted to see Roman Reigns give his Superman Punch. The Shield won and proved that this would not be the last time that we would see them.

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