Once Upon a Time Challenge- Day 18- Best Twist on Original

Only one way to stop Peter PanNot hard answering this one. The best twist goes to Peter Pan and that he’s Rumpelstiltskin’s FATHER! I so did not see that one coming. Before the episode aired I read that Peter Pan and Rumple shared a past but not a paternal one. I always got this creepy feeling from Pan, especially with the way he talked to Emma. I actually missed half of the episode. I turned it on when Rumple’s father tells him what he learns in the tree. I thought awe okay, we get to see his dad. Maybe now we’ll understand more of why Rumple is the way he is. Then they drop the bomb on us when Rumple is taken away and his father turns into Peter Pan. My jaw has never dropped that low for a television show and never before has one managed to actually make me collapse. Mind completely blown.


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