Sex Ed. in Chapel

At my school each student is required to attend a certain amount of chapel hours. Chapel can be very boring depending on what happens. Sometimes we do worship, sometimes we listen to a guest speaker, but there was one thing I never thought would happen in Chapel and that’s talk about sex. Most of my friends are conservative as well as the majority of the other students.

My roommate is not one of these conservative friends. She is conservative in her own way but she doesn’t filter from saying the word “sex”. She has told me that she doesn’t understand why people have a problem with saying that one word. So when the video that was shown in Chapel that asked for everyone to shout “sex”, my roommate was more than willing to participate. In fact she was the only one who participated. That was fun sitting next to her when she did that. She apologized so much to me after doing that, but I was laughing too much to care. I could only wonder what the students around us were thinking.

After the video ended a speaker stepped forward to talk more on the subject. She started off by saying, “Let’s face it, sex can be uncomfortable to talk about. Sometimes we can’t even look at the person sitting next to us.” They say great minds think alike and at that moment my roommate and I swung our heads towards each other and stared hard into each other’s eyes. We broke out into laughter at doing the same thing. I again wondered what the people around us were thinking. Maybe we were giving them a good laugh too. We continued to pay attention to our speaker, because this was obviously an interesting topic. I was more interested in everyone’s reaction.

A few moments later something catches my eye and I turn away from the speaker. I see this guy, who I have a crush on, is late to Chapel and he’s looking for a seat. I call his name and gesture to the empty seat next to me. He joins us and despite being excited that he was sitting next to me, there were some moments that I felt awkward about it.

So I’m sitting between this guy I like and my roommate, who has no filter. This was going to be interesting. At one point the speaker brought up the fact that women have to be careful, because sex can not only transmit diseases but also cause pregnancy, “oh course guys don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.” I then turn to my crush, give him a certain look and say, “you men.” It was just a joke and I made that very clear. I was just trying to poke fun. After being informed about things we should already know at our age, we’re shown a “demonstration.”

When we heard this everyone exchanged looks. What exactly are we going to see here? This “demonstration” showed us the hormones that we experience in a relationship. We see this couple and how they met. We are then shown a montage of how their relationship progresses until this new guy appears. This new guy walks over and catches the eye off the girl. Those two then walk off stage together. The boyfriend pulled a ring box out of his pocket, indicating a proposal was close by but that was over now. The girl comes back and there’s obvious issues arising. They take a red balloon and pop it. That marked the end of demonstration.

I didn’t really pay attention to anything that was said because it’s nothing I haven’t heard before from either my mom or school. I focused more on how my roommate was reacting to everything going on. She thinks the popping of the balloon represented something other than a broken heart. She is not alone on that one because some of my classmates thought the same thing. She was such a hoot and is mostly the reason why this is my favorite Chapel yet.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during Chapel. It’s not what they were talking about, it’s how they were presenting it to us. Maybe someday I will tell my children what they told me. “Girls just remember. There is no condom that can protect your heart.” So many jokes were made that day.

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