Once Upon a Time Challenge- Day 19- Favorite Relationship

Skin Deep
Skin Deep

This one is a little tough to answer. I am a major Rumbelle fan! Although with Rumple recently lying to Belle, I’m starting to look at the other relationships more. This past season has made it rocky for the major relationships on the show. All except the Charmings. Those two have really shown the power of true love. “We are one heart.” This season had hardly any Rumbelle scenes. They get reunited after everything that happened in season two, only for Rumple to sacrifice himself and save everyone. Then he gets brought back from the dead, only to be put under the control of the Wicked Witch of the West. Can they not catch a break? A wedding made up for it, but not when the marriage begins with a pile of lies. Rumple clearly trusts no one. Kudos to Belle for never giving up on her beast.


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