Pork Steak

wpid-img_20140113_203932.jpgThis post has been a long time coming. It’s about a St. Louis famous tradition that apparently is not heard of anywhere else. I grew up eating pork steaks in my family home. Not pork chops and not pork loin but a pork steak. Not traveling much in my youth, I thought everybody knew what a pork steak is and has eaten them as often as I have. When I got into college I found out that I was wrong. I was reading a book in my school’s library about everything that makes St. Louis its own special place. I didn’t realize we did so much that other places don’t. If you do ever move to St. Louis, be prepared to be asked “Where did you go to high school,” by several people.

Above is a pork steak and below it is a pork chop
Above is a pork steak and below it is a pork chop

This was how I found out that pork steaks are a St. Louis thing, but I’ve been told by my family that it’s a Missouri thing. I then made this joke that if I ever go to a restaurant in New York I would ask them if they had any pork steaks. When I transferred to the school I attend now I asked each of my friends if they’ve ever had a pork steak. Some of them are from Missouri and had no clue what I was talking about. “Don’t you mean pork loin?” No, I don’t think I’ve ever had a pork loin before. When I tried to explain it to them, they would be quick to assume that I’m talking about a pork chop. “Down here we call it a pork chop.” So I’m writing this post to make it known that a pork steak is a pork steak. It’s not a pork chop or a pork loin. It is different than both of those.

A pork chop comes from the spine of a pig and a pork loin comes from the area of the ribs. A pork steak is cut from the shoulder of a pig. Pork steaks were started by the Schnucks family, known for their grocery stores. It is not a pork chop or a pork loin.


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