Ha Ha Tonka

The castle
The castle

For Easter this year, I spent it at my boyfriend’s home. His family and I went to this state park called Ha Ha Tonka. It is such a beautiful place and it has a castle! I think it’s pretty cool to see, because this is the U.S and we don’t have castles everywhere. The castle was built in the early 1900s and turned into a hotel, but a fire destroyed it.

The day was beautiful and I was not prepared for it. I stayed at his house the whole weekend and did not pack the proper attire for that day. I could have looked at the forecast, but again Missouri weather being what it is, I’ve stopped doing that. I only check the weather when I wake up in the morning. The weather was nice. I just didn’t have the right clothes for it. My boyfriend and his family are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, while I’m wearing black yoga pants and a blue shirt, with sleeves that go to my elbows.

The sun was out and there was a nice breeze blowing. The landscape is beautiful. We also saw a snake while we were there. It was a black snake and probably the biggest snakes I’ve seen in the wild. I’ve seen many big snakes before, but always at the zoo or Grant’s farm, just anywhere in captivity.

Ha Ha Tonka
Ha Ha Tonka

We looked around at the castle and then went on a hike. If I wasn’t prepared for the weather, I was not prepared for this hike. They kept saying, “We’re going to walk up a lot of stairs.” How bad can it be? On top of the cliff you can see the stairs and I’m just thinking, “It doesn’t look that bad.” I was so wrong. We set off on our hike. We could have picked a trail to walk down the stairs, but instead we chose the other direction.

It was fun! Along the way my asthma started attacking up. We were hiking up this hill and took a break at the top. I’m sitting there next to my boyfriend, catching my breath:
Him- “Getting tired?”
Me- “Oh yeah… that asthma is really starting to kick in.”
Him- looks over at his mom then back at me. “Did you tell my mom about that?”
Me- Ummm… “No… I thought you would have.”
Him- “We are going to be going up three hundred stairs.”
Me- In between breaths, “I’ll be fine. You’ve seen me on Wednesday nights. That takes a lot out of me.” I continued forward and did not give up.

I had an adventure that day. Those stairs are no joke, but only if your main goal is climbing them as fast as you can. I think if you just take your time and look at everything around you, then it’s not that hard. You probably won’t even notice the energy it takes walking up those stairs. Ha Ha Tonka is a place to go for a good hike.

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