End of Year Bash

The end of the year bash was so much fun this past semester. I got to hang out with all my friends and there were so many activities. There was an inflatable obstacle course, jousting, and a mechanical bull. I so much fun that day.

I started by going through the obstacle course with a friend. I was winning at first but fell in last place when I had trouble climbing over this small hill. My tactic for getting through the rest of the course was simple: just throw your body everywhere without the fear of getting hurt. I walked away that day with a few burns on my arms.

When it came to the jousting my friend and I took forever. We were both afraid to hit each other. Everything that I did, she would do. “Okay let’s just make a promise that when this is all over, we’re still going to be friends.” I tried to add more force behind my swing but by that point I was holding my jousting stick for so long, my arms were getting tired. I don’t think anyone else took as long as we did and by the time we were actually done, the guy in charge goes, “Finally!”

A little later I jousted against my boyfriend and his friend. It was fun. Each of us got knocked off our pedestals at least once. Before starting our round my boyfriend laughed a little at the idea of me jousting against him. I laughed to then said, “What? I had to bigger brothers…I think I can take you.” We just laughed.

The two of us also competed against each other in the obstacle course. I already knew he would beat me before asking, I just wanted us to do it together. I only had one request and that was that he would wait for me before climbing the big hill at the end. I get to the back of the obstacle course and see that he’s already climbing up the hill. So I start climbing up, but I’m having so much fun and laughing so much that I wasn’t getting anywhere. I had to stop and take a moment to focus, after that I started climbing. My boyfriend waits for me at the top and is helping to motivate me. “Come on you can do it.” I’m about halfway up when he offers me a hand and helps me up. Awe! So sweet! Of course once I got to the top all sweetness was gone and he rushed to beat me. It was a fun day.

I mentioned a mechanical bull. I did not want to do this at all. My boyfriend and his friends mentioned it and I’m just like “NOPE!” They went on there and then made me get on. At first I tried getting out of it by saying, “no I’m too short, I can’t get up there.” I was not attempting to jump on it with everyone looking at me. Although that might have given them less of a laugh than what ended up happening. I walked off of it, but they pushed me back in and then our friend got down on his hands and knees for me to climb aboard. EVERYONE was watching. I laughed at myself because the whole thing was silly. I was on that bull for exactly three seconds. I fell off and right on my butt. All that work for only three seconds. Such a fun day.


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