Once Upon a Time Challenge- Day 21- Bravest Character

Heart of the truest believer

Well… Belle fits this to the T, but my answer for this is Henry. He really is the bravest of all of them. He went to Neverland to save his family, gave Pan his heart to save magic!, and every moment he had, he stood up to Pan. He might be easily persuaded, but he has the heart of the truest believer. Without him, there would be no show. He’s the reason Emma came to Storybrooke and broke the curse. Let’s remember that he risked his life to prove to Emma that Regina is the Evil Queen, by eating that apple turnover even though he knew there was something wrong with it. This past season really should the viewers what is so special about Henry. It was a major change when he lost his memories. He went from being the truest believer to not believing at all. “If it get’s me presents, then yeah.” He does all that he can to save magic and doesn’t hold back.

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