Valentines Day Card

This past Valentines Day was mine and my boyfriend’s first one together and I didn’t know what to get him. I had this idea that I actually thought of before we became a couple. I would get a liter of his favorite soda and give him a card telling him how I felt. Only now we were actually a couple and every Valentine made for couples says the same thing. It’s a little too early to be saying those three words, and I was going to have a card say them for me. So now I had to get creative.

I thought about Valentines and how I would give them to all my friends when I was a child. Then I thought about his likes. There is this Minecraft series we had been watching on Youtube and it’s really funny. So it hit me to make a Minecraft themed Valentines Day card. I thought about what I wanted the card to say and came up with something that was both sweet and funny. I even looked up pictures of the creatures so I could draw them on the card.

I don’t have the materials to make a fancy DIY greeting card. I made this card out of construction paper like an eight-year-old. I felt confident that he would like the card until I showed it to a friend. She took one look at it then burst out laughing. “Why is it on construction paper?” What do you mean? I made it. What is it suppose to be made out of? After she did that I could help but think that he was going to do the same thing. So I was reluctant now to give it to him.

When we went on our date, we waited until the end to exchange gifts. He got me a teddy bear, which is half of what I think the perfect Valentines Day gift is. I gave him his gift then his card. He LOVED the card! I wish I recorded him reading it because his reactions were priceless. It really made me happy and put a smile on my face to see that he like the card. He didn’t even care that it was on construction paper.

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