X-Men: Days of Futures Past

Ever since it was announced last year in the spring, I’ve been waiting patiently for X-Men: Days of Futures Past. It’s the X-Men who got me into the Marvel comics. I like them more than I do The Avengers. My reason is because the X-Men were born with their abilities. Thor is from entirely different universe, both Captain America and the Hulk are experiments, Black Widow and Hawkeye are spies, and Ironman is a regular man in a suit of armor. The X-Men were born with their abilities. They’re not from another planet, an experiment, or wearing a special suit. Some could be classified under an experiment or alien. The Wolverine wasn’t born with his claws the way they are now, but he was born with claws. Jean Grey has the Phoenix life force living inside her. Again, they were born that way.

Now it’s time to make this post rated “S”; by now you know what that means.  Before watching the film I read comments made by insiders and gathered that this movie would fix the messed up timeline made from the other ones. Thanks to X-Men Origins everything didn’t fit right. Emma Frost being a teenager in Origins but a grown woman in First Class, which occurs first. I was also upset to hear that they cut Rogues scenes from the final cut and that her only purpose now is a cameo. She was meant to have a much bigger purpose for the whole plot and I think I figured it. She still got her big credit in the end.

Despite being upset over Rogue, this movie was still awesome. I’m a little confused about Kitty’s ability in this one, but I just need to look more into that one. The beginning really got me. When the Sentinels tore off Colossus’ head my jaw dropped. “WHAT!” Then Iceman was killed. “What is going on?! They advertise them for that short of screen time?” Just wait a little longer and we find out what’s going on. Thanks for playing with my emotions!

I was glad they brought up Logan’s cameo in First Class when he went back in time, but man, Charles sunk low into depression. He’s always the one to encourage mutants to embrace their gifts, maybe not as much as Magneto, but enough for them to accept who they are. Xavier just doesn’t want them to be loose cannons. It’s also interesting to know that Beast once had his own “cure” considering his reaction to it in The Last Stand.

This movie is awesome. Seeing Storm die and then Magneto, it really puts you on the edge. With the look on Charles face I thought for one moment that Magneto was going to try and ditch them, but he didn’t! He did all he could to save them. I don’t see Magneto and Xavier as enemies or frienemies. I tend to see them as best friends who will always have different views and opinions. When Logan was forced to sink to the bottom of the harbor I didn’t know what to think. “Oh no! What’s going to happen?” Xavier was able to get through to Raven and change everyone’s future. The Last Stand never happened.

Oh yeah and Quicksilver was great too and Bryan Singer has stated that the little girl sitting with him in front of the tv is not Scarlet Witch. Nice job at slipping it in that Magneto is his father, it made me giggle. I like how he acted around Xavier, Logan, and Beast. “You know that’s illegal right?” Like everything in your basement isn’t?

This movie really does change everything and leaves with a lot of empty questions. Does this mean Mystique is good? Will there be more fury behind Magneto? Will there EVER be a Rogue and Gambit on screen romance? Better yet, will she ever get Ms. Marvel’s abilities? We saw Apocalypse at the end with his four horsemen, which means Gambit has to be in the next film because he becomes one of them. I will say that I find it interesting how there is always a mentioning of Striker’s son in each film that he appears in. Speaking of him, this movie might have also changed the events in X-Men Origins; so Logan might no longer have adamantium claws. But that just wouldn’t be right.

Now about these new faces in the future. It’s about time they brought in Warpath. Love the chemistry between him and Blink. Bishop is also a prominent character from the comics. I have a feeling he’ll be in the next movie. I kinda wish they would have used them more in this one. We would have seen more of Storm in action, but her pregnancy kept getting in the way. Oh and before I forget this one, like I have been, now Kitty and Colossus can have their romance.

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