Christmas Tree OCD

I have recently realized that when it comes to a Christmas tree, I get OCD. I probably should have realized it last year when I reacted a certain way about how our tree was decorated. After school one day in December, when I was attending my former university, I walked into the living room and could not take my eyes off of our tree. I wasn’t home all weekend before that day and after seeing what I saw, I wished I was.

Our tree was decorated with large pictures that were supposed to be ornaments and their placement totally offset the other ornaments. There was also a section where multiples, of the same ornament were hung next to each other. The garland was placed on the tree and just looked like a mess. The tree wasn’t “finished” because only some of the ornaments were put on it. The tree looked like this for a few days but I couldn’t take it for long. I politely asked my uncle if I could redo the whole thing and he didn’t care.

After an hour or maybe two, I decorated the tree the way it should have been in the first. I usually don’t experience this because when I was growing up, we didn’t put ornaments on the tree. We would just decorate it with lights. Now we have ornaments and no lights. When I decorate a Christmas tree I can’t stand to see the same two ornaments sitting next to each other. There needs to be a different ornament in between them. The ornaments also need to be spread fairly apart so that they’re not secluded to just one section of the tree. I also feel that there should be a size limit to how big an ornament can be, for it to be hung on the tree. Which is why, when I redecorated the tree that year, those paper ornaments did not go back on there.

This past winter was when I knew for sure that I had some sort of OCD when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree. At the home group for Wednesday night church before winter break, we sat around talking, did worship and had a choice to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The only thing that was requested for us to do before we left was to place an ornament on the Christmas tree. When I walked over to place mine, I didn’t stop at one. I would place an ornament on the tree, take a step back to look at it, and then place another one. After a while I forced myself to stop, because if I didn’t then I would have ended up decorating the whole tree. It didn’t occur to me then how I am until I went home for the holidays.

I walk into my home and see our Christmas tree is up and decorated. There were new ornaments because they couldn’t find mine and that was okay. This tree had a few things that just didn’t sit well with me. There was something about it that I couldn’t put my finger on. The ornaments were good and place just right, but there was something wrong. It took me a few days and I figured it out.

After days of sitting there and staring at it, I found my ornaments and redecorated the tree. We have a fake tree and it requires us to fluff out the branches so that it looks full. My family did not fluff out the branches. So that’s why I redecorated the whole tree. We now have more than enough ornaments too because I ran out of room for all of them. There’s just something about decorating a Christmas tree just right.

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