General Hospital talk update

I think it’s time I start talking more on the subject of General Hospital. A lot has changed since the last posts I’ve made on the show. I think I should also state more of my opinions on the show. There are relationships and climaxes everywhere. Of course no one is allowed to have happiness forever in a Soap Opera and those writers don’t always give the audience what they want. I write this while watching the latest GH episode. I have to say that if there is one thing that I’ve learned from watching soap operas it’s that no matter what happens, there will always be someone else.

The last time I recall writing about GH was when Caleb was on the scene and framing John McBain. Well a lot has happened since then. Star and Todd Manning left Port Charles and John McBain was close behind them. I’m happy they left, because I’m a fan of John being with Natalie on One Life to Live. Sadly the resurrection of One Life to Live was short and we didn’t see the two reconciling at all, thanks to Clint. Although the characters left the show, the actors stayed. It threw my mom off a bit when she watched an episode with me not too long ago. I find it funny how when Dr. Clay entered the scene, he was immediately recognized as Caleb but not as John McBain. What about Kiki looking like Star, or the new Franco looking like Todd? My mom makes me laugh when she refers to Kiki as Star.

As of right now I don’t have any intentions on discussing the above three anytime soon, but this is a soap opera so that might just change. In the near future you will read what I have to say about: Maxie, Scrubs, Patrina, Rafe, and a few others. Those who are fans of the shows, I hope you will enjoy it. Now if only they can bring back Ethina! I’ll say more on that later. There is really no telling what I will post next on the show, because I have so much to say about.

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