Romain Reigns gets what he wants

Roman Reigns puts himself in the Battle Royal
Roman Reigns puts himself in the Battle Royal

Okay I promise that not all of my wrestling related posts will involve Roman Reigns. I’ve got more in the works about other superstars, but for now I need to get this out of my system while it is still fresh. I think it is obvious that I’m a fan of Roman Reigns and after seeing the “Take Time to be a Dad Today”, he’s been moved up to slot two in my fan book. So let’s talk about the events that occurred on this week’s Raw.

My first question is, what’s up with The Shield now? Dean Ambrose left after his match against Wade Barrett to music that is not The Shield’s. Is this the beginning of the team being officially disbanded? Roman Reigns sure did work alone Monday night. He didn’t even go after Seth Rollins and where was he to back up Ambrose? I sure did love seeing what he did instead.

Roman Reigns eliminates his final opponent.
Roman Reigns eliminates his final opponent.

Of all the people in the company, he chooses Vickie to get him in the Battle Royal. “What they want. Who cares what they want?!” He sure is a smooth talker with everything he had to say to Vickie. “If it were up to them, they’d have you getting coffee for the rest of your career and that’s no way to treat a beautiful woman. And plus, you’re a Geurrero, that means something. You have to stand for that. But I could be wrong. You may want to kiss their but for the rest of your life. But if you’re gonna do that, you might want to do it the right way. They’re going to want sweetener in that coffee for sure.” He then seized the opportunity to spike the coffee for the Authority. When Triple H caused Vickie to spill his coffee all over her I thought the plan was ruined. I kept yelling at the tv, “Stephanie share your coffee with your husband.” Was not expecting her to vomit. It still got the job done though; both Triple H and Stephanie left the building and put Vickie in charge. Reigns got her right where he wanted her. That whole scene was hilarious.

I knew Roman Reigns would win the Battle Royal. Why go through all that trouble with him if he wasn’t? There was doubt only once and that was, because Bo Dallas was in the match as well. Bo Dallas has yet to lose, so there was a chance that he would win and he almost did eliminate Roman Reigns. That was until Roman Reigns eliminated him. I did think that at one point Seth Rollins would come out and ruin Reigns’ chances of winning. Roman Reigns was victorious after serving Rusev the Superman Punch to eliminate him.  Now all we need is for Roman Reigns to WIN the title at Money in the Bank. Cena’s won it enough and Orton… I just don’t like Orton.

Here’s the whole backstage scene:


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