Field Trip to the Cemetery

This past semester I took a Death and Dying class at school and enjoyed every moment of it. I got to plan my funeral, received a document that I am to fill out for my living will, learned about grief and went on field trips! One of my field trips was to a funeral home, which I wrote about in a previous blog post before my hiatus. The other field trip I took was to a cemetery. This took me back to high school.

The cemetery is very small and the upkeep isn’t well. On our trip a woman from the genealogy department told us several stories of some of the deceased. I learned so much history behind this small town that day. I was a little surprised at what I heard that day. This town seems like the type that nothing happens in it. When someone has a fender bender everyone goes nuts. So to learn that this town use to have a Klan and their own Bonnie and Clyde, I was a little taken back. It’s something I will look more into for the school’s newspaper.

As we were walking through the cemetery, there were so many jokes to be made. We came to this tombstone that stood in front of this tree. My professor made a comment about how the tree looked like it was dying. I laughed to myself and said, “Well we are in a cemetery.” There were more, but this happened so long ago that I can’t remember them.

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