Planning my Funeral

I’ll admit this: The only reason I wanted to take Death and Dying was so that I could plan my funeral. I think it’s a good assignment. It’s better to have everything planned now in case something happens to me and no one is prepared. There are also so many choices out there and a lot to learn. Did you know that we’re constantly wasting resources every year due to funerals? Several types of metals are used in the construction of caskets and placed into the ground. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be buried, but there is a better way than wasting the world’s resources. You can get buried in a casket made of cardboard and it’s biodegradable. It is also way cheaper than the other caskets on the market. Did you know you can buy a casket from Wal-Mart? You can purchase it online and then pick up at the store.

When it came to learning about funeral preparations I thought I was the only who wanted a nontraditional funeral, but I learned that I am not alone. Although I have to say, there have been funerals that were weirder than what I wrote for my funeral plan. We also learned about how funeral directors embalm the deceased. When it came to this portion of class I was confuse. Only because they made embalming sound nontraditional. I soon learned that embalming was what I also considered to be “preparation”. Every funeral I’ve been to had the same preparation and I’ve always thought this to be normal. I was also told that only the U.S embalms the deceased and maybe Canada. So to all of my readers in a different country, please leave a comment letting me know this to be true.

When it came time for me to do this assignment I went above and beyond the requirements for it. We were instructed to turn in a funeral plan that was at least two pages long. Mine ended up being nine pages long. Needless to say I got an A. I think what I most enjoyed about the assignment was telling people about it.
A friend- “What are your plans for the weekend?”
Me- “Planning my funeral.” I would wait for their reaction. “Don’t worry it’s for class. I don’t plan on dying any time soon.”
A friend- “I would hope not.”
I think what topped it was when I asked my pastor to give me a copy of the funeral service shown in our hymn books. “I need it to plan my funeral.” He just stared at me for a moment. “It’s for my class.” Then I explained to him and a few other church members about my death and dying class. They agreed that it is a good idea to plan ahead.

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