The Shield No More?

I mentioned in a previous post my curiosity about Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose being solo on Raw this past Monday. I’ve heard from others since then that this makes it official that The Shield is no more. I don’t think that’s so. Okay so Dean Ambrose comes out to different music and clothes, as does Seth Rollins, but he already made it clear where he stands. I don’t think this marks The Shield being over. Reigns still has the original music for his entrance and the clothes. Also, why make the speech that they did last week about taking down the remaining members of Evolution and Rollins? I think what we are seeing here is the beginning of their plan to take their opponents out. Dean is going after Rollins and Reigns is going after Evolution. Obviously they’re out numbered right now, so they can’t take them down all together. I think their tactic is to just pick them apart. Ambrose did say that he would go after Rollins and Reigns stated he would take down Triple H and Randy Orton.

My theory is that when Batista comes back, he’ll become a member of The Shield. He’s not gone for good, he’s just taken time off to promote Guardians of the Galaxy. Some disagree with my theory, because both Batista and Roman Reigns are big guys so it wouldn’t make sense to have them on the same team. It could happen though. Triple H is a big guy and both him and Batista were part of Evolution. Wouldn’t it also be the best type of revenge on Evolution for causing Seth Rollins to turn his back on The Shield? I myself have come up with my own ideas about what should happen to The Shield now, but the writers can’t always have good ideas like me and my idea is phenomenal and would be a big turn around for The Shield. As I said, though, the WWE doesn’t think as good as I do. I just don’t want this to be the end of The Shield.

I haven’t been able to watch wrestling the past year so I didn’t get to see The Shield debut live. I didn’t get to live in the times of The Shield destroying everyone in their path, fighting for justice, and feuding with CM Punk. I’ve had things to do within the past year, didn’t have a way to watch it, or I would just forget about wrestling. I know The Shield was heel when they debuted and I’ve never really been a fan of heels, but I think that if I were to have been watching wrestling this past year, then for the first time I would have been rooting for heels. I can’t help myself! I got back into the habit of watching wrestling after Wrestlemania 30 and a good time too. The Shield dominated Evolution not once but TWICE! Then Rollins… only time will tell what’s next. I will say this, though, I have never been this excited about watching wrestling since I was ten.

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