​Report: WWE Diva AJ Lee Is Pregnant

Well if this turns out to be true than congrats to the happy couple. If it’s true than this goes out to my friend D., you might want to rethink your roster, because you’re losing points.

Mind Of Carnage

With AJ Lee’s relationship to CM Punk and current hiatus from the WWE ring, this has naturally sparked rumors online that the former Divas Champion is pregnant. According to a former backstage worker for WWE, the rumor may now be legitimate.

“I have gotten word from a reliable source that AJ Lee is pregnant.”

Stated MetsFan4Ever on Reddit.com today, a verified WWE insider who broke news of AJ and Punk’s marriage last Friday, revealed JTG’s contract release from WWE and has produced multiple shows scripts. He’s been VERY reliable and once again is a verified WWE insider.

“I am looking more into this story and can’t confirm yet. But I figured I would share this story here first with you fans. We may not be seeing AJ for a very long time or ever again if this is true.”

AJ and Punk were married last Friday in what was described as a small, private ceremony. MetsFan4Ever noted…

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