Libby’s Mind on Eric Bischoff

All wrestling fans know who Eric Bischoff is. He was a booker for WCW and then general manager of WWE Monday night RAW. He did his best to help WCW stick around, but the WWE won in the Monday night Wars. He is a major heel in the WWE and I couldn’t stand what he did as general manager on RAW. I would boo him so much when he would come out to talk. The only time I think I actually praised Bischoff was when he kicked Edge and Lita off of RAW. Lita is my all time favorite Diva, but at this time in her career, I hated her. I joined in with everyone singing, “Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbye.”

Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff

He was just a buzz kill and nothing he had to say agreed with the fans. He always put the Heels in the spotlight and favored them more. I’m sure it came as a shock for the WWE fans when he made his debut in the WWE. I just could not stand this man and everything he did. The fans would see their favorite Face win a match, but oh no it, doesn’t stop there. He would come out and change the stipulations so that the Heel would win. Smackdown fought evil while RAW promoted it.

Now… with that being said, the WWE needs him BACK. The ten-year-old me, just gasped dramatically. I was a little shocked when I realize this, but it is true. Eric Bischoff needs to be the general manager of RAW once again, because it’s not the same anymore. I mentioned that he always put the Heels in the spotlight, and how many people in the WWE Universe are tired of seeing John Cena win the title? I’ve noticed a decline in viewership of RAW on my part after Bischoff left. Between RAW and Smackdown, I favor RAW. He knew how to work the audience. He knew what buttons to push and was fair between the Faces and Heels. He allowed matches that were what the people wanted. He knew how to entertain us. Sorry, but I have to say: PG Era, you suck.

Why is it an illegal move if a Superstar hits a Diva, but it’s not illegal for the Diva to take out the Superstar? Not too long ago there was a Battle of the Sexes match. Okay so maybe over a decade ago that happened, but why can’t it now? What is the point of having an inter-gender tag team match when the Divas and Superstars aren’t allowed to clash? Good thing Stone Cold ain’t around, because he wouldn’t be able to do anything. Can I really be that mad though? I understand that the reason things are the way they are now is, because of the tragic histories of previous wrestlers. All fans know about Chris Benoit even though Vince McMahon is trying to erase him from the WWE history. “Well we can’t promote him, because of what happened?” What about Miss Elizabeth, or Stone Cold Steve Austin who domestically assaulted his former wife Debra? They still promote him. Jimmy Super Fly Snuka is being investigated for the death of a girlfriend he had in the eighties, and the WWE doesn’t do anything about that. Due to the tragedies of the past, wrestling is no longer the same anymore. I want hardcore. I think if Eric Bischoff came back to the WWE, he’d take the new rules, use them, and find some way to get RAW out of a PG Rating.

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