The one thing that got me to start watching General Hospital is the relationship between Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio. I was sick for a week with strep throat and we didn’t have cable. We had basic cable and during the days there is nothing to watch except soap operas. After watching five episodes, you’re hooked. My roommate once told me that she wants to watch soap operas, but she wants to start on the very first episode. Good luck trying to do that. It is impossible to watch General Hospital from the very beginning, because that footage might not even exist anymore.

As I stated before Scrubs (their couple name) is what got me hooked on this show. I started watching when Robin announced that she was pregnant, but she was keeping the paternity a secret. Patrick knew it was his, but went along for a little bit, just to make sure. He was very smart and discreet about finding the answer, and I’m glad it didn’t go on forever. At this time on One Life to Live Gigi was keeping her son’s paternity a secret and it took forever for her to tell Rex about his son. It started to get annoying, but the truth was made known on General Hospital before Emma was born. After I started watching GH I would get on YouTube and look at some of their history. I think they have potential to be a super couple. If Robin makes it back from saving Jason and patches everything up with her family, then Scrubs definitely will be a super couple.

I was shocked when I saw they killed Robin off because she’s been on their since she was a little girl. Patrick took her death horribly. I will say that for a single dad, he sure knows how to do Emma’s hair. I became angry at the writers when it was revealed that Robin was alive. Then she finally gets to come home, but soon has to leave them behind. I think it’s good that she is saving Jason, because Sam really needs him. The horribly thing about Robin doing what she’s doing is that this could mean the end of Scrubs for good. I guess for a soap opera couple, it is time for a break, but didn’t they have that when we all thought she was dead?

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