The New World

One night I was browsing through the selection of free movies available on Demand and found this one called The New World. I read the information that was available about the movie and learned it is about the life of Pocahontas. I’ve always been a huge Pocahontas fan, both historical figure and Disney movie. I always chose to do a report on her when I was in grade school, so I was really interested in watching this movie. I was a little disappointed with just how much of a Drama film this was with the little dialog it has, but it is still a good movie, considering I can’t stop wanting to watch it.

I’m glad I watched this film, because it has made me come to terms with the fact that Pocahontas married John Rolfe and not John Smith. I remember being so upset about it in grade school. I kept saying to myself, “No it’s her and John Smith, HER AND JOHN SMITH!” I refuse to believe what I was learning. This film opened my eyes to the relationship of Pocahontas with John Rolfe. I know it’s just a movie and not 100% accurate, but it paints a good picture. Rolfe genuinely loved Pocahontas and did everything he could for her to love him. He even goes as far to track down John Smith and inviting him to his home, so that Pocahontas could see him. The ending is a tear jerker.

The movie feels long because of the time lapses throughout the film. You see Pocahontas growing both physically and spiritually in this movie. There are two love stories begin and end, so it makes you feel like you’re watching two movies. I certainly felt that way. When I started watching it I was only going to focus on the story between Smith and Pocahontas, but I couldn’t stop myself from focusing on Rolfe and “Rebecca.” I think my favorite scene is when Pocahontas hears that John Smith is alive, and due to her newly learned English, she tells John Rolfe that she is already married to Smith. The look on Rolfe’s face just breaks your heart. If that scene doesn’t, then the one when Pocahontas talks to John Smith while Rolfe watches from inside the house will.

I highly recommend this movie and home to buy the extended edition some day. I feel like some scenes could have shown more and maybe it will on the extended edition. If you like historical movies, then you will like this film. If you like drama films, then you will like this movie. You will need patience when you watch it, and might need to have the subtitles on, because the dialog can be hard to hear. Other than that it’s a really good movie.

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