Stephanie vs. Vickie

Last night was a pretty interesting night for Vickie Guerrero. She came to the WWE when her husband, Eddie was still alive and became a villain after his death. Everyone hated hearing those two words that became her catchphrase. “EXCUSE ME!” When Vickie started to become part of the WWE, it was in a storyline with Chavo Guerrero against Rey Mysterio. She became the General Manager of Smackdown and then there was her marriage to Edge. She never became a face in the WWE. She left last night on a good note with the crowd.

After Roman Reigns tampered with Stephanie’s coffee last week and Vickie putting him in the Battle Royal, it was time for consequences. Stephanie opened RAW on Monday by calling out Vickie and telling her she was going to lose her job. Stephanie made her beg for her job back and even put her in a match to fight for it. Vickie accepted the challenge and even gave one badass acceptance speech after Stephanie commented about how the WWE took pity on a widow. I never thought I would root for Vickie but last night I did. I knew she wasn’t going to win. Vickie wanted to leave the WWE, but it’s all about how she left. Vickie isn't finish with Stephanie Vickie isn’t finish with Stephanie

I was interested in seeing this match go down. Guerrero vs. McMahon, a match that’s never been done before. It would have been great to see too, if it was actually a match! So whoever falls into a pool of chocolate pudding loses and Stephanie brought out Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, and Layla to push Vickie in the pool for her. Vickie put up a pretty good fight and could have won, if she didn’t turn her back on her opponent. As Stephanie sang the “Goodbye” song, Vickie got her vengeance. Way to go Vickie, for pushing Stephanie McMahon into the pool of pudding! I think Stephanie left the building more embarrassed than Vickie. She couldn’t even stand up.

Viva la raza!
Viva la raza!

I must admit, I did get goose bumps when Eddie’s music started playing. It’s too bad that in the past nine years, Vickie didn’t carry on with Eddie’s gig, like she did last night. She even shimmied the way he use to. I always loved how Eddie would lounge on the top rope with his back leaning against the top turn buckle. No one could do it like Eddie. Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of the Guerrero family in the WWE. I was so hoping their daughter would make it big, but she got herself released.

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