Libby’s Mind on Fanfiction

So there’s this website where people can go and read fanfiction that others have written. I’m not talking about Quizilla, but that is a website that you can go to and do that. I’m talking about I’ve been on there before to read some fanfics about Labyrinth, but that’s really the only topic I looked up. It wasn’t until very recently that I found people writing fanfics about Roman Reigns and wrestling on there. I recently came up with a scenario that I think would be “Best for business,” but will probably never happen. So when I saw that people actually write fanfics about Reigns I saw this as a way to get my idea out of my system. I started reading some of the fanfics about him and was a little taken back by some.

For those who don’t know what fanfiction is, it gives fangirls or guys an excuse to fantasize about their favorite characters. If you disagreed with how a movie ended and have an idea of how it should have gone, then you can post that as a fanfic. It’s easy to write one because you don’t have to give full details about every character. The readers already know who the featured characters look like.

I’ve written one once for the movie Labyrinth, but haven’t posted it anywhere. Only two people have read it and one was a teacher in high school. We were given this class assignment to talk about an epic journey we would like to go on, and it had to be two pages long. Just the day before the teacher praised me for stating that the movie Labyrinth is an epic journey, which revealed he is a fan of it. I turned in a five page fanfiction. He actually kept it for almost a year before I realize I wanted it back. After I got it back I couldn’t help but wonder what he thought of it. I’m always over thinking when people read what I write. I think we can all agree that a fantasy is a very personal thing, even if you write one for a class assignment or not.

After reading some of the fanfiction about Roman Reigns I can’t help but say, “Wow.” I thought my growing obsession of him was becoming a little much, but these writers take theirs’ to a whole different level. Either they didn’t hold back on details or they lacked details. Some just went against Reigns’ character completely. I don’t see Reigns being the mushy type guy that says stuff like, “we should lay on the couch, cuddle, and watch reality tv.” If my boyfriend said that to me I would do a double take before asking if he was feeling okay. This just isn’t who Roman Reigns is. Reigns is usually a man of few words and has this dark demeanor. I just think that if you’re going to write a fanfic about a character, then don’t change who that character is.

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