A Burnout?

Well I don’t think I’ve made a post on here in a number of days. For once it isn’t because I have nothing to write a post about. It is more like I know what to make a post about, but I’ve just been a bit busy lately and it’s hard to get and stay on tract with everything I want to write about. I’ve been putting more focus on wrestling than I have in the past few years and there’s a reason for it other than being a fangirl. My focus on wrestling is pushing back the time I set for my soap opera and there’s a few other things that have just come up. I have been realizing how newspapers and magazines feel when it comes to their product and the stress of deadlines. I do write for the school’s paper, but the only stress I ever felt was “Did they publish my article? Why didn’t they catch that typo?” and when my friends didn’t agree with the title, “Hey that was my editor. It wasn’t me.” The editors would wig out about the writers not turning their articles in on time and I thought it was that would conflict with their schedule. I realize now that there is much more to it.

I see that I’m attracting views from other countries, which I haven’t been able to do within the first year. The first view from a different country than the U.S was accomplished by me talking about wrestling. The search term that led readers to my blog was “Roman Reigns”. Then the next day, to my surprise, I’m getting over ninety views for a post that another blogger has reblogged onto their blog. It felt great because it showed that this blogger liked what I had to say and it was bringing my blog more traffic. There was that little voice in the back of my mind that spoke the obvious and that’s “I didn’t accomplish these views myself, I had help.” I didn’t let the thought bother me because what matters most is that the blog is getting views. I shared my excitement with people about it afterwards and someone made the comment about that very thought I already had. It was a little bit of a blow but I didn’t care because I knew then what to do to continue getting traffic like that. JUST WRITE!

I see now what to write about that will get traffic. Maybe not as much as that one day, but a view is a view. Only now I’m swamped with blog prompts that take a chunk of time to put together and if I spread them out I risk falling behind with the times. Which is pretty much why I haven’t posted much about General Hospital as I would like to. Wrestling eases a bit because there is a deadline between shows. If something happens on RAW then I have four days to state my opinion before Smackdown airs. During which I could be posting about General Hospital, but I instead end up talking about random topics. After all my motto is “you’ll never know what she will say” and I try to hold to that. By the end of the week I’m still swamped and trying to state my opinion before it becomes old news. So I definitely now feel what editors of magazines and newspapers feel.

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